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Two teens wanted in connection to shooting near Atlantic Station

APD provided updates Wednesday on the suspect search and also gave more insight into who the shooting targeted.

ATLANTA — Atlanta Police released a video of a group of teens believed to be connected to a deadly shooting near Atlantic Station on Saturday where a 12 and 15-year-old were killed. 

The department provided updates Wednesday on the suspect search and also gave more insight into who the shooting targeted.

What does surveillance show? 

Atlanta Police said they are looking for two primary suspects in the fatal shooting. Their homicide detectives released surveillance videos that show the suspects walking with a group of teens down 17th Street before the shooting on Nov. 26. The department also has footage of the group after the shooting, leaving on a MARTA train.

“From my investigation, I was able to determine two primary suspects — two shooters. These persons that I am going to point out in this video is the person responsible for the entire shooting,” Investigator Jarion Shephard said.

Investigators said that the group boarded the train and went in different directions throughout the city. Atlanta Police said there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrests of the shooters. 

Below | Two teens wanted in connection to fatal shooting near Atlantic Station

Who are the suspects?

Atlanta Police Department is looking for two teens that they believe are solely responsible for the shooting. 

The first suspect is seen wearing a half-black and yellow jacket with a hoodie attached, blue skinny jeans and black high-top shoes. There’s a logo with lettering on the jacket, but it’s not easily read. The second suspect is wearing a blue hoodie with large white lettering on it, ripped blue jeans and white shoes. 

APD said on Wednesday that they believe Jackson was the intended and only target in the shooting. 

Who were the victims?

Two kids were shot and killed in the shooting. A 12-year-old, Zyion Charles, died Saturday night in the incident. The second victim who died, 15-year-old Cameron Jackson, was initially in critical condition after the shooting. Four others were injured.

Zyion’s mother, Deerica Charles, gave emotional remarks earlier this week before the Atlanta City Council Public Safety Committee describing her efforts to steer her son away from a path of dangerous behavior. She said he had been involved in groups breaking into cars, an increasingly common form of street crime in Atlanta. 

“I tried, y’all. I called the police office almost 30 times in the last two years, and they told me they can’t do nothing. I said he’s out and breaking into these folks’ cars, can you please get him off the street,” Deerica said.

Jackson’s family described him as a teen who loves science, animals, cooking and riding dirt bikes. He also had been practicing boxing since he was just 9 years old.

More on the case 

Police initially said the shootout stemmed from the two groups originally escorted off the Atlantic Station property due to unruly behavior and curfew violations at the complex. But APD later confirmed they believed the shooting was gang-related. 

Charles’ family also expressed that said they didn’t believe he was part of a gang. 

There have been no arrests in the case as Atlanta police continue their search for the two suspects.