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Some Arizona Republicans gather with Hobbs ahead of Trump rally for Lake

Ahead of former President Trump’s Arizona rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake on Sunday, a group of Republicans appeared with Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs on Sunday to pull support across party lines. 

“There is a rally in Mesa, Ariz., today, featuring some well-known out-of-town guests. I am not there. I am here. … I am here campaigning for Katie Hobbs,” said Mesa Republican Mayor John Giles at the event. 

“The reason for that is I’m very concerned about the future of our state,” Giles said, calling Arizona’s gubernatorial race “a choice between sanity and chaos.” 

Trump-backed Lake touts the former president’s false claims about the 2020 presidential election, rejecting the results in President Biden’s favor. 

Giles knocked Lake for being “singularly focused on an election that happened two years ago” and warned against putting “a conspiracy theorist” in office.   

Recent polls have shown Hobbs and Lake locked in a tight race, with some results showing a tie and others giving Hobbs a slight lead.

“I bet many of you never thought you’d be up here campaigning with a Democrat,” Hobbs quipped at the rally.

Other Republicans at the rally included former state legislator Steve May, former Scottsdale Mayor Sam Campana, and President and CEO of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Monica Villalobos, according to the Arizona Republic.

The former secretary of state knocked Lake’s positions on the 2020 election results, abortion and other issues.

“She’s still calling to decertify the 2020 election … and she continues to spread conspiracy theories about the last election while refusing to say if she’ll accept the results of this one. And more importantly, she’s refused to say whether or not she’d certify the 2024 presidential election if she’s governor,” Hobbs said of Lake.

The “Republicans for Katie Hobbs Coalition” rallied in Paradise Valley, Ariz., as Trump’s “Save America” rally got underway in Mesa. The former president is expected to speak tonight at 7 p.m.