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Scott Wiener Receives Anti-Gay Death Threat, Blames Kirk, Taylor Greene

According to the San Francisco Standard, someone using the name Zamina Tataro emailed the paper and said that they had placed bombs at Wiener’s San Francisco home and threatened to shoot up his Sacramento office.

“In 20 minutes, I am willing to die,” the email read, according to the Standard. The email’s subject line was “Scott Wiener will die today,” and in the email, the author called Wiener a “pedophile” and said he groomed children. The Standard did not have a comment.

On Tuesday morning, San Francisco police searched Wiener’s home but did not find any explosive devices, police told BuzzFeed News. “The incident was determined to not have any merit,” police said.

In Wiener’s statement, he said he believed the threats were inspired by Kirk, who last month tweeted that the lawmaker had reduced jail time for people who molested children, as well as Greene, who has called him a “groomer.”

“This latest wave of death threats against me relates to my work to end discrimination against LGBTQ people in the criminal justice system and my work to ensure the safety of transgender children and their families,” Wiener’s statement reads. “Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and MAGA activist Charlie Kirk recently tweeted homophobic lies about me, falsely accusing me of supporting pedophiles and child ‘mutilation.'”