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Raleigh attorney says person responsible for Moore County substation attacks could be tried for terrorism

With search warrants issued related to the attack on the Moore County power grid, here’s what’s likely to come next in the investigation.

Raleigh-based lawyer Christian Dysart is representing a client charged with destruction of an energy facility. The matter in Moore County is similar.

In the Moore County attack, a motive has not been released. Dysart said finding out a motive will play a crucial role in how the suspect or suspects are prosecuted.

Power is fully restored in Moore County, but the investigation into the power grid attack is ongoing.

Officials have filed search warrants in the case, but we don’t know what’s being requested in the investigation since the warrants are sealed.

“I think that it’s a public safety concern,” Dysart said. “There are searches or indictments or search warrants, often they are under seal initially because they want to make sure law enforcement has an opportunity to do their job without people potentially destroying evidence or fleeing.”

Dysart said he has been closely watching the Moore County investigation.

“I have a client who’s charged exactly with this,” Dysart said.

The charge is considered a federal crime that could lead to decades in prison, if convicted.

Dysart said the damages in Moore County are astronomical.

“That’s ultimately going to be one of the determining factors in how this case gets prosecuted,” he said. “I would assume this would get prosecuted in federal court because the penalties are so much steeper.”

Dysart said depending on the motivations and people involved, this can be treated as an act of terrorism.