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Pricey recount for Michigan’s Proposal 2, 3 won’t change outcome

Michigan taxpayers will help cover the costs associated with the recounts of two ballot proposals allowed to proceed by the state’s elections panel despite concerns the exercise would provide fodder for election misinformation and questions about the legality of the request.

The review won’t change the outcome of Proposals 2 and 3. Michigan voters approved the proposals by wide margins. Proposal 2 − which establishes early voting and other election changes − received nearly 60% of the vote in the recent Nov. 8 election while Proposal 3 to enshrine abortion rights in the Michigan Constitution received nearly 57% of the vote.

A member of the public speaks in front of the Michigan Board of Canvassers in Lansing on Aug. 31, 2022, regarding ballot initiatives involving voting and reproductive rights.

The recounts will not review enough votes to possibly change the outcome, the Michigan elections director said during a Board of State Canvassers meeting Monday.

“It’s frustrating and it’s really not a good use of taxpayer dollars,” said Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown, a Democrat, who said the costs imposed on the county will depend on how long the recount takes but will include pay for election workers and staff. The assertions of fraud in the petitions in the recount are inaccurate and false, she said. “It is this continuing narrative of spouting disinformation, misinformation,” she said.