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Police searching for 3 wanted in attempted break-in, shots fired at Springfield home

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Police say they are searching for three people wanted for shots fired during an attempted break-in at a Springfield home.

Officers responded to the 1500 block of East Talmage on Sunday around 4 p.m. Investigators say neighbors called 911 after seeing someone attempting to break into a home. Neighbors surrounded the house as they waited for police. Neighbors then heard shots fired from the rear of the home.

Debbie Smith says she was a neighbor who surrounded the house.

“Well, my boyfriend was ready to beat him up if he came out,” said Smith.

Smith said several people on East Talmage Street took being neighborly to a whole new level.

“We went over there, and we cornered him in the house,” said Smith.

Smith said her grandkids saw a man go into their neighbor’s house, and then they swarmed it.

“We were just going to try to catch him and hold him down until the cops got there,” said Smith.

Smith said they did not know if he had a weapon but confronted him regardless.

“Everybody was on the corner of the house,” said Smith. “Next thing we know, he comes out of the house, my boyfriend started hollering, telling him that he’s busted, and you’re gonna go to jail.”

Smith said neighbors have a pact on East Talmage to protect their own.

“If they were home and they saw somebody trying to get into somebody else’s house around here, they would call the cops and do what they could,” said Smith. “Without anybody getting hurt, you never know.”

Police say nobody was injured in the incident.

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