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Police identify man fatally shot by FBI agent at Metro Center

D.C. police have identified the man who was fatally shot by an off-duty FBI agent Wednesday evening on a train platform at Metro Center as Troy Bullock, a 28-year-old from Southeast Washington, according to authorities.

D.C. police, who are investigating the incident, said the shooting occurred during an altercation in which Bullock “pushed the FBI agent backwards over a railing on the platform.”

Police said in a statement Thursday that Bullock also went over the railing, and both men landed about eight feet below the Red Line train platform, away from the tracks. Police said at that point the agent fired his gun, striking Bullock.

Police also said in the statement that they found a firearm on Bullock after he had been shot. Authorities did not say whether Bullock displayed the gun or if the agent knew the man was armed. Police have not described a specific threat the agent faced. They also have not said what prompted the altercation.

Authorities have not identified the agent but have described him as a senior member of the FBI. He was injured in the fall, police said, and was treated at a hospital for injuries not believed to be life-threatening.

Efforts to reach Bullock’s relatives were not immediately successful.

Off-duty FBI agent fatally shoots person at Metro Center, police say

The shooting at Metro Center and another shooting Thursday morning at the Benning Road Metro station in Northeast Washington have brought new attention to violence on the transit system. In the latest incident, police said two teens and an adult were shot during an altercation. One of the teens, a 15-year-old who police said they believe was the shooter’s intended target, was critically injured. A 34-year-old woman and another 15-year-old male were struck by stray bullets and sustained non-life-threatening injuries, police said. The suspect remains at large, authorities said.

Metro General Manager Randy Clarke has said transit police have beefed up patrols at stations this fall in response to violence occurring on trains, stations or buses.

In both cases, commuters reported panic with people rushing out of the stations and away from the gunfire. At Metro Center, one person posted on Twitter: “Was close enough to see the flash from the last 2 shots. Never moved so fast in my life.”

People on the Metro Center platform — headed in the direction of Glenmont — said they ran or hid behind escalators, and it appeared a train sped through the station to get passengers to safety.

Megan Gamble was on a Red Line train when it pulled into Metro Center to the sound of gunshots. She posted on Twitter that “everyone on the train hit the ground,” adding, “the train didn’t stop, went on through.”

Three shot at Benning Road Metro station, police say

Angelic Young, 46, of Silver Spring, Md., was standing on the platform as the train whooshed by. She said in a message to The Post that she joined others taking cover behind escalators, which also were packed with people. She said she “stayed there for cover” until she heard an announcement to exit the station.

Clarke praised the operator of a Metro train that appeared to have sped through Metro Center without stopping as gunfire erupted.

“Really grateful for the quick reaction & thoughtful attention by our rail operator tonight whose response during tonight’s police involved shooting at @wmata Metro Center kept customers from potential danger,” Clarke tweeted.

Wednesday’s shooting came days after an FBI agent was acquitted of attempted second-degree murder in the shooting of a man aboard a moving Metro train in December 2020.

Authorities said the agent was approached by a man who was panhandling and got into a verbal altercation with him. The agent said he fired his gun to defend himself after the man made threats and appeared to take an aggressive posture.

A prosecutor said the agent had “no business firing a gun.”

This is a developing story and will be updated.