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Mother speaks out after two-year-old Woodland Hills girl recovering after being attacked by coyote in broad daylight

A two-year-old girl is recovering at home Friday evening after she was attacked by a coyote in broad daylight. 

Jarring surveillance footage of the incident was caught by the family’s Ring camera system, showing the family getting out of their car when a coyote runs through the frame before attacking their daughter. 

“I just wanted to make sure she was ok,” said the girl’s mother, Shira Eliyaheo. 

Instantly, the girl can be heard screaming as the coyote drags her several feet before her parents jumped into action. 

The coyote backed off from the girl but didn’t run for several moments until being scared away from the area. ‘

“I grabbed her and laid her down,” said Eliyaheo. “I saw blood on her pants and on her leg and where she got injured. It was just terrible.”

According to the girl’s mother, she was taken to a hospital for treatment, where she also received a rabies shot. 

It was unclear if a police report was filed or if animal services were called to the scene to work on apprehending the animal. 

Some neighbors say they’re pretty sure the coyote has been regularly wandering through their neighborhood for months. One neighbor even claims to have pepper-sprayed it when it approached his home and pet dog.

Earlier in 2022, a coyote entered a Woodland Hills home through their doggy door.