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Juárez riot police evict ‘Little Venezuela’ migrant camp by Rio Grande

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Tents were burned, punches were thrown and scuffles erupted Sunday morning as Mexican authorities evicted hundreds of migrants from the “Little Venezuela” encampment on the southern banks of the Rio Grande.

The encampment formed in October along the Mexican side of the border near downtown Juárez after the U.S. government began expulsions of Venezuelan nationals. Migrants were staying in donated camping tents along the border hoping to be allowed to enter and gain asylum in the United States.

Juárez police in riot gear forcefully evicted mostly Venezuelan migrants on Sunday from the banks of the Rio Grande, clearing out the “Little Venezuela” camp and throwing tents, blankets and clothes into garbage trucks and ordering migrants to go to shelters. The U.S. border fence in El Paso is in the background.

Scuffles between migrants and police with riot shields erupted and tents were set on fire in protest as Mexican federal, state and city police and workers moved in to remove the camp late Sunday morning, according to video taken by the Norte Digital news website.

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