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JET 649004K 22X44 Drum Sander Review

• Great Construction and Design

Searching for a sander with impressive features and design? Take advantage of JET 649004K Drum Sander. It is a must-have item for individuals who love to do home improvement projects. Many people aim for this unit because of its many advantages over other brands.

Here are the features of JET Drum Sander to find out how useful it is for everyone and why it is a famous choice of many professional woodworkers. Novices will also fall in love with this unit.

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  • Great Construction and Design

The JET 649004K Stand Drum Sander is a beauty. It is equipped with a sealed ball bearing for smooth sanding and efficient lubrication. It also has a safety power switch to protect novices and professional woodworkers from accidental start-ups.

The unit can a maximum width of 44 inches with two passes. It also has a four inch diameter dust port, so clean up is always easy or effortless on the work area.

JET 649004K requires minimal assembly. It a bit heavy but every part of it can be accurately set up in just a few minutes. As a bench top drum sander, it is an impeccable sight in shops, garages or open work spaces.

  • High Quality and Performance

The JET 649004K Drum Sander has a 1 and ¾ hp motor which is designed for fast stock removal. It generates up to 1,700 rpm or revolutions per minute and it has a variable feed rate per minute of zero to ten.

The motor is well-made as it is integrated with TEFC technology. There haven’t been any issues of motor overheating because of this unique technology feature. The machine works like a charm once it is up and running.

What are the things that could be worked on with this machine? Sanding red cedar, mesquite, and pine is very effortless when using the unit. It could also run twenty inches of cabinet walls and wide shelving. The life of sandpaper in this machine is also ten times more than the average. The machine complements really well its motor and sandpaper units as it is engineered with precision-flattened reinforced steel conveyor bed.




It is quite a heavy tool so an extra hand is needed to carry it somewhere or install it. However, this is a stand drum sander, it is heavy so that it won’t move while put on much vibration while sanding. If you need a more portable sander, you should look into another type of sander.


The JET 649004K sander is an impressive high-end unit. It has gained a high rating of 4.5 out of five stars (as the highest). It is ideal for sanding and the height adjustment is precise and smooth.  The conveyor is also very easy to adjust.

Most people love this because it is also quiet or has very minimal vibration. No one wants to work and disturb their neighbours with a noisy power tool, so this machine definitely charms a lot of woodworkers. When one wants to rush on projects and work until late at night, the unit can be relied on to finish every single task easily, speedily, and quietly.

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