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Herschel Walker’s Son Christian Bashes Father Following Election Loss – Rolling Stone

Christian Walker, son of Senate candidate Herschel Walker, tweeted a blistering criticism of his father following his loss Tuesday to Democrat Raphael Warnock in Georgia’s runoff election. 

“Don’t beat women, hold guns to peoples heads, fund abortions then pretend your pro-life, stalk cheerleaders, leave your multiple minor children alone to chase more fame, lie, lie, lie, say stupid crap, and make a fool of your family,” Christian wrote. “Then maybe you can win a senate seat.” 

Christian alleged that former President Donald Trump “called my dad for months DEMANDING that he run,” and that the candidate ultimately ran despite pleas from family and friends and warnings that his “insane past” would be a liability. 

“A boring old Republican could have won,” Walker wrote. “Republicans […]  ran this man mainly because he was the same skin color as his opponent with no background other than football.” 

In October, following reporting from the Daily Beast indicating that the elder Walker had paid for his then-girlfriend to obtain an abortion in 2009, and Walker’s subsequent denial of the matter, the 23-year-old social media influencer publicly skewered his dad’s campaign. “Everything has been a lie,” Christian wrote at the time. Speaking to those who supported his father on grounds of “​​family values,” Christian reminded them that “he has four kids, four different women, wasn’t in the house raising one of them. He was out having sex with other women. Do you care about family values?”

Christian also alleged that his father had abused him and his mother, Walker’s first wife Cindy DeAngelis Grossman. He “threatened to kill us, and had us move over 6 times in 6 months running from [his] violence,” Walker wrote. Herschell Walker has been accused by multiple women of violent behavior. In 2008, Grossman recounted that Walker had held a gun to her head and “said he was gonna blow my brains out.”


In his late-night reaction to his father’s loss, Walker heaped praise on Grossman. “My amazing mom … had her name and image dragged through the media unwillingly … I blew up after she was lied on multiple times.” 

“Shoutout to every strong mother whose story goes untold,” he added. “We love you.”