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Governor signs order to partly legalize

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Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear signed an executive order Tuesday to legalize the possession and use of medical marijuana by certain eligible individuals in the state, so long as it was purchased legally outside Kentucky and amounts to less than eight ounces.

Kentucky is currently one of just 12 states to still outlaw marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes, despite public polling showing the legalization of medical marijuana is quite popular among its residents.

Beshear said he would have preferred the state legislature pass a law fully legalizing and regulating medical cannabis, but he was taking executive action after the repeated failure of a bill to do so in the Kentucky General Assembly.

Noting the many Kentuckians with chronic and terminal illnesses are prohibited from legally buying marijuana in the state, Beshear said those individuals “will soon be able to get the help they need without living in fear of being charged with a misdemeanor.”