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Georgia Republican Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan Says He Couldn’t Bring Himself to Vote for Herschel Walker

Georgia Republican Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan says he waited in line for an hour to vote but then walked away because he couldn’t bring himself to vote for his party’s Senate candidate, who he said had failed to prove he wouldn’t be “Trump’s puppet.” In an interview with CNN, Duncan, known for opposing Trump, said the Democratic incumbent, Raphael Warnock, also didn’t get his vote. “I was one of those folks who got in line and spent about an hour waiting, and it was the most disappointing ballot I’ve ever stared at in my entire life since I started voting,” he said. “I just couldn’t find anything that made sense for me to put my vote behind, and so I walked out of that ballot box.” He went on to say he doesn’t have “respect” for Walker, who was unable to “convince the suburbs that [he was] a serious player that didn’t want to be Donald Trump’s puppet.”

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