Galvanize your Future – Get Qualified is an online academy which offers a variety of courses.  These courses are designed to help those who want to have a new career in coding and development. The founders wanted to make education accessible to everyone, regardless of their background. No matter if you are a student, a startup company or someone who wants to do better career wise, Galvanize can help.  Galvanize has 6 campuses around the US – technology is also making it possible for everyone to get the help they need to take their skills to a new level.

Galvanize was started with the intention of building communities around technology and to help people share knowledge.  The idea is to fuel people and propel them into starting new ventures and innovating.  Embracing diversity and curiosity are part of the Galvanize culture.

The Full Stack Program at Galvanize

This program offered by Galvanize teaches students how to become an important part of any development team.  This 24 week program will help you learn all about web development, from scratch.  A student can choose to become a full-fledged developer or choose alternatives like quality assurance, become product managers or even join sales.

Course Curriculum:

The Full Stack program covers different languages, fundamentals and all the frameworks required to start a career as a web developer.  Learn JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Express and Node.  Students learn how to do validations, OOP in Java, SQL, along with assignments, assessment tests etc.  They will also have to do a capstone project which includes designing a program.  One of the best things about studying at Galvanize is that you get help from community members and programmers to get past sticky issues and also get challenged to take skills to a new level.

The first 12 weeks of the Full Stack Program deals with just the fundamentals. The second phase requires using knowledge from the first phase to build real world applications. Students work in pairs and work through different projects so that they get a look at code and question the reasoning behind the programs.

Admissions Process

The admission and applications process takes about 6 weeks. An exercise has to be completed at home; there are 2 interviews to go through. The interviews are handled by faculty to figure out a student’s program goals and another to evaluate programming capability.  Even if a student doesn’t have experience, some knowledge is essential to get the most out of the course.

Course Fees

The fee for the course is $21,000 and scholarships are available for deserving students.  Scholarships and financial aid are offered to those who demonstrate need and also for veterans.  Skills Fund is a group which partners with Galvanize to offer financing.  Finances should not be a constraint for those who want to start a career in this field.

Starting Salaries

The placement rate is currently over 98% and average starting salaries are $70,000+.  What is really great about the Galvanize program is that many of the students have gone on to open their own companies and they in turn, scout out and hire students from their alma mater.  There is no dearth of jobs either.


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