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Clear Creek Deputies face felony charges in Christian Glass death

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On Wednesday, a Grand Jury decided to indict deputies Andrew Buen and Kyle Gould for the death of Christian Glass.

CLEAR CREEK COUNTY, Colo. — Two Clear Creek County Sheriff’s (CCSO) deputies involved in the deadly shooting of Christian Glass, a man suffering from a mental health crisis, face criminal charges.

A Grand Jury decision Wednesday indicted former deputies Andrew Buen and Kyle Gould, according to the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office. 

According to court documents, both men face felony charges. Buen is charged with second-degree murder, and Gould was charged with criminally negligent homicide, among other charges.

Glass’ family, through their attorney, released the following statement about the indictments:

“Nothing will bring Christian back to his family. Simon and Sally Glass are relieved appropriate charges have been brought against some of those responsible for the murder of their son. However, justice for Christian will require all those involved being held accountable. Christian’s death is a stain on every officer who was present and failed to prevent the escalation and unnecessary uses of force.”

The initial release from the sheriff’s office did not say what charges the two men faced. CCSO also fired both deputies, who are now being held in Gilpin County jail.

An internal investigation done by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is still underway, but the sheriff’s office said, “preliminary findings show there were policy and procedural failures, and the initial news release about the shooting, based on the information available at the time of the incident, does not reflect the entirety of what happened on that terrible night.”

Glass, a Boulder resident, called 911 for help after getting his car stuck on a mountain road in Silver Plume. It was a call that ended his life. 

After a 70-minute police encounter, where officers attempted to get a terrified Glass out of his car, they were unsuccessful. A Clear Creek County deputy broke Glass’s window, shot him with bean bags, used a Taser on him, and shot him six times. Glass died in the front seat of his locked car, holding a knife that responding officers said they were afraid he would stab them with.

The 5th Judicial District Attorney released a statement about the indictments. “The 2022-23 Fifth Judicial District Grand Jury has indicted Andrew Buen and Kyle Gould, both deputies with the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office” District Attorney Heidi McCollum said. “The two were involved in the June 11, 2022, officer involved shooting near Silver Plume, where Christian Glass was killed. District Attorney Heidi McCollum announced last month the case was going to be brought to the Grand Jury, and today an indictment was presented to the court.”

New Zealand and British governments, of which Glass was a citizen, are following the investigation and resulting criminal processes. 

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