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Chesapeake police looking into social media account that has similarities to Walmart shooter

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A social media account is circulating online after some claim it belongs to the man who killed six people at the Battlefield Walmart in Chesapeake.

A police spokesperson tells 10 On Your Side the account, which is on Reddit, is being investigated by Chesapeake police. At this time it has not been corroborated as belonging to the Walmart shooter.

Social media posts from a “31-year-old who works at Walmart,” who was “harassed” by fellow employees and had a cell phone hacked have some believing the account belongs to the Walmart shooter. The most recent post from 11 days ago is titled “my life is ruined” following a humiliating interaction at work.

While 10 On Your Side noticed account activity four days ago, the Reddit account is on the police’s radar. Law enforcement has been looking into whether or not it could be related but has not found concrete evidence as they continue to investigate.

“Combing through all of this data, correlating this data and looking for anything that might be a red flag and warrant further investigation,” said Joshua Crumbaugh, CEO of PhishFirewall.

Crumbaugh is an ethical hacker. His cybersecurity company based in Huntsville, Alabama, often works with the FBI’s digital forensics division. Crumbaugh walked us through the investigation process.

“They’re looking at search history and what websites he’s been going to and if there’s any changes in his personality which we can see through digital history,” Crumbaugh stated.

Crumbaugh explained how even the shooter’s Walmart accounts and his activity on store computers have been pulled.

“The first thing that they would’ve done is pull every bit of the digital footprint that they have from this employee and that’s everything from what he’s been doing online, what websites he’s been visiting on his work computer to what and how he’s using his computer and down to the detailed logs and a copy of every single file on that system,” Crumbaugh said.

Investigators can even go back decades into the shooter’s store and personal online footprint.

“You can go back in time and look at sites like Google from the 1990s. Your history is forever there,” Crumbaugh explained.

By now, Crumbaugh believes, investigators have about 80 percent of the shooter’s online footprint pulled as they continue to piece together the full picture to find out what made a Walmart Lead Associate snap and kill employees.

“What is his search history, is it normal or is it how to go shoot up your workplace,” Crumbaugh concluded.